Dr. Anjan Bhattacharya
Consultant Paediatrician, MBBS(Cal); DCH(Lond); MRCP(Lond); FRCPCH (UK)
APOLLO GLENEAGLES HOSPITAL, KOLKATA, Child Specialist, Child Development,
Care of New Born and Developmental Paediatrician

Program of Care (PoC) is an Interventional Tool akin to Bibliotherapy, which has shown immense benefit in multitude of dimensions of Educational/Emotional, Behavioural & Developmental domains of a child and its family. This is the best and the cheapest place to start interventions at the Child Development Centre, Apollo Gleneagles Hospital, Kolkata. Please accomodate for any last minute changes. Each Group Session is INR Rs.1000/- only and each small group session is INR Rs. 5000/- only. Both parents to come without the child.

Program of Care (PoC)
Sr.No. Program Name Time Day Date
1a. Behaviour Management Explanation 10 AM Saturday 24th Nov
1b. Behaviour Management Training 12 Noon Saturday 24th Nov
2a. Language Explanation 10 AM Monday 26th Nov
2b. Language Management 12 Noon Monday 26th Nov
2c. Behaviour & Language Management Case Discussions 3 PM Monday 26th Nov
3a. SpLD Explanation 10 AM Tuesday 27th Nov
3b. SpLD Management 12 Noon Tuesday 27th Nov
4a. Parenting Style Explanation 10 AM Wednesday 28th Nov
4b. Parenting Style Training 12 Noon Wednesday 28th Nov
4c. Parenting Case Studies 3 PM Wednesday 28th Nov
5a. Eating Difficulties Explanation 10 AM Thursday 29th Nov
5b. Eating Disorder Explanation 12 Noon Thursday 29th Nov
6a. BPS Explanation 3 PM Thursday 29th Nov
6b. BPS Management 4 PM Thursday 29th Nov
7a. Atopy Explanation 11 AM Friday 30th Nov
7b. GINA Guidelines 1 PM Friday 30th Nov
7c. Atopy Management Training 3 PM Friday 30th Nov
8a. SIPT Explanation 9.30 AM Saturday 1st Dec
8b. ADHD Explanation & Management 11 AM Saturday 1st Dec
8c. Sleep Explanation & Management 12 Noon Saturday 1st Dec
8d. Q's & A's 1 PM Saturday 1st Dec
Ring my seceretary before coming for these sessions.
Both Parents to come for these sessions.
Follow Up for EI / Review after 2 weeks.
PACT Study, UK provides evidence of utility of Parent Training sessions

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